Solid Works is a 3 Dimensional automated CAD / CAE (computer-aided design / Computer aided engineering) agenda that rush on Microsoft Windows and is existence advanced by DASSAULT SYSTEMES. Solid Works Corp., an ancillary of DASSAULT SYSTEMES. Solid Works is presently serviced through accomplished 1.3 million engineers and creators at more than 130,000 associations globally. Solid Works, DS Solid works Corp. has depleted up a thousand authorizations of Solid Works globally.

Solid Works Corporation was founded in December 1993 by Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduate Jon Hirschtick. Hirschtick used $1 million he had made while a member of the MIT Blackjack Team to set up the company. Initially based in Waltham, Massachusetts USA, Hirschtick recruited a team of engineers with the goal of building 3D CAD software that was easy-to-use, affordable, and available on the Windows desktop. Operating later from Concord, Massachusetts, Solid Works released its first product Solid Works 95, in 1995. In 1997 Dassault, best known for its CATIA CAD software, acquired Solid Works for $310 million in stock.

Solid Works was headed by John Mc Eleney from 2001 to July 2007 and Jeff Ray from 2007 to January 2011. The current CEO is Gian Paolo Bassi from Jan 2015. Gian Paolo Bassi replaces Bertrand Sicot, who is promoted Vice President Sales of Dassault Systèmes’ Value Solutions sales channel.

Introducing Solidworks

  • Navigating the solidworks interface
  • Working with sketches
  • Creating simple parts, Assemblies and drawings
  • Using visualization Techniques
  • Building intelligence into your parts

Getting more from your sketches

  • Building Efficient Assemblies
  • Selecting features
  • Patterning and mirroring
  • Working with part configurations
  • Working with Assemblies

Building efficient assembliess

  • Getting more from mates
  • Assembly configurations and display states
  • Creating and using libraries

Using hole wizard and toolbox

  • Working with library features
  • Using smart components
  • Creating Drawings

Automating drawings the basics

  • Working with drawing views
  • Using annotations and symbols
  • Dimensioning and tolerance
  • Using layers, line fonts and color
  • Working with specialized Functionality
  • Animating with motion manager