The Short Term Creative Graphic Design course at SACAC, Delhi is a creative process, used to convey a message with focus on visual communication and presentation. The field as a whole is also referred to as Communication Design. A graphic designer may use a combination of typography, visual arts and page layout techniques to produce a great design. However, the mind is the most important tool in a graphic designing course. Aside from technology, a creative mind thriving with original ideas, good judgment, observation and investigative thinking are required for creative design layouts and rendering. New ideas can be found through experimentation with tools and methods.

On the other hand the Advanced Diploma Course in 2D/3D Animation & A/V Post Production is one of the most comprehensive of all animation courses in Delhi. It encompasses life cycle of an animation pipeline, from paper to film and development process from Pre Production to Post Production stages. TGC is a a leading Animation institute based in Delhi and Jaipur offering professional course in Animation.

The Advanced Diploma in 2D/3D animation and A/V Post Production focuses on teaching students the most recent technologies and skills used in creating international Standard animations, feature films, games and other commercial forms of video. Unlike other animation courses in Delhi, the course is a 100% practical approached program that is meant to make the multimedia students at par with recent Multimedia industry demands as regards to innovation, modern tools awareness, design and creativity.

This Animation course is broken down into four parts each lasting 4-5 Months. These parts include.

  1. Drawing and Concept Design
  2. 2D Classical Animation
  3. 3D Modeling & Advanced Animation, Game Design
  4. Compositing, Audio/Video Editing. Live project, Internship and Placement.

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